Weed Wrangles

Weed Wrangles are volunteer events hosted nationwide to control the invasive plants that are negatively impacting our public parks, green spaces and natural areas. During these events, community members learn to identify and control through hands-on removal of these invasive plants which are causing harm to our native plant communities.

Garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) is one example of an invasive plant targeted for control during Weed Wrangles. In addition to outcompeting our native plants, research shows that garlic mustard can be fatal to several butterfly species. A rare species of butterfly, the West Virginia White (Pieris virginiensis), lays eggs on plants in the mustard family. However, any caterpillars that hatch from eggs laid on garlic mustard do not survive to become adult butterflies.

Across America, Weed Wrangle volunteers are led by experts to learn how to identify and control invasive plants. Engaging community members and challenging them to work to manage invasive plants in their own spaces, fosters a collective effort to have a substantial positive impact for our native plants, pollinators, birds, and other wildlife.

CCHIRP hopes you can join us at our next Weed Wrangle Indiana®. You will not only learn about plants, wildlife and how to manage invasive plants, but will also join a national effort to positively impact our communities. And it will be fun! Just ask someone who has participated in a Weed Wrangle. Each event is a rewarding opportunity to work together locally to celebrate and protect our cherished green spaces and natural areas!

Above are pictures from our Invasive Plant ID and Weed Wrangle Workshop held 9/15/22 at Garry E. Cavan Park (Georgetown, IN).