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Qualified Professional Inspector (QPI) Program Description

The goal of the Qualified Professional Inspector (QPI) program is to provide consistent training for construction site inspectors responsible for inspecting stormwater best management practices (BMPs) installed at active construction sites regulated under Rule 5 (327 IAC 15-5) and Rule 13 (327 IAC 15-13) in communities participating in the SWAC. A thorough understanding and implementation of these requirements will lead to fewer delays, avoiding or minimizing costly compliance issues.

Construction Site Runoff Control Ordinances adopted by SWAC communities include requirements for construction site self inspections to be performed by a Qualified Professional Inspector. The QPI program provides a system to qualify persons to inspect stormwater BMPs at construction sites, document and report inspection results as required by local ordinances, and will provide a mechanism for consistent and comprehensive inspections throughout this region.

The QPI program consists of four major elements: training course; resource materials; exam; and, at the discretion of the MS4 community, registration or licensing of Qualified Professional Inspectors. These program elements are described on this website and in the Qualified Professional Inspector Manual.

What is the Qualified Professional Inspector (QPI) Program?

Participating MS4 communities maintain lists of applicants who have attended the training course, taken the exam, and their pass/fail status. At their discretion, MS4 communities may require those who pass the exam to obtain a registration or license prior to performing inspections in that community. At their discretion, participating MS4 communities may collect a fee for obtaining a Qualified Professional Inspector registration or license. Qualified Professional Inspector requirements are included in local ordinances, which may also specify the time frame that the registration or license is valid and the reasons that the registration or license may be revoked. As per local ordinances, Qualified Professional Inspector registration or license may be revoked by the community for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

  • Does not comply with federal, state and local laws, ordinances, or resolutions governing Qualified Professional Inspector activities;
  • Fails to perform the duties of a Qualified Professional Inspector;
  • Unable to properly perform an evaluation of a stormwater quality management system;
  • Found to be negligent in duties by a participating community;
  • Submit false or misleading information; or
  • Fails to maintain certification under any change in the law pertaining to Qualified Professional Inspectors.

A Qualified Professional Inspector may appeal the revoked registration or license and, if eligible, may re-enroll in the program based on that community’s procedures.

The Indiana Stormwater Quality Manual provides guidelines and specific stormwater quality measures for controlling soil erosion; controlling and treating the nonpoint source pollution associated with sediment-laden runoff; and the management and treatment of pollutants associated with post-construction land uses.