Natural Resources Conservation Educational Facility

Our Natural Resources Conservation Educational Facility occupies a 1/4 acre area on the Clark County 4-H Fairgrounds in close proximity to our office. This area has undergone many changes over the years.  Most recently, in 2017, we received a Clean Water Indiana (CWI) to transform the area into a mini-Pathway to Water Quality.  The Pathway to Water Quality is a fixture of the Indiana State Fair, and is a model watershed that shows how land “sheds” excess water, and what that means to you.  Our area does the same, but on a smaller scale.

Contained in our facility you will find a:

  • Water Quality exhibit with information on water use, why it should be conserved, and ways individuals can help conserve.
  • Bluebird Trail consisting of 5 boxes along the tree-lined path.
  • Trees of Indiana Path that is popular due to the shade it provides. Many species native to Indiana line it.
  • Pollinator habitat plantings
  • Wetland
  • Fish Pond populated with native fish species.
  • Cover Crop plot with a raised bed of crops, and sign explaining their benefits.
  • Square Foot Garden that shows how a home garden can easily be created when space is limited.
  • Bat House
  • Rain Barrel display
  • Exhibit building where conservation-related displays and literature can be found.
  • Butterfly House, which you can walk into, and get up close and personal with the butterflies, and learn about the habitat they need to survive.
Trees of Indiana Path

As with the Educational Facility as a whole, the tree path has undergone changes since its establishment.  Originally planted with 50 trees, weather and time have taken their toll, and several trees have been lost.  The link below provides a map with the remaining trees identified.


If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of trees, the link below:

Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder

USDA/NRCS Plants Database

U.S. Forest Service

Arbor Day Foundation