Cost Share Funds Now Available to Producers

The Clark and Jefferson County Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) were awarded a 2018 Clean Water Indiana (CWI) Grant for a project that will strive to promote soil health on pasture/hay land, and improve water quality.  Conservation practices will be installed that help to:  improve forage and biomass quality; reduce soil erosion and compaction; reduce excessive nutrients and sediments in surface and ground waters; and improve inadequate feed, forage, and water.

Though the project primarily focuses on practices associated with livestock, the cover crop practice is included.  Cover crops are not only a means to reduce erosion, and diminish sediment entering our waters, they can also be grazed as part of a pasture management plan.  Practices producers can implement through the project are as follows:  heavy use area protection (HUAP), access road, pipeline, watering tanks, forage and biomass planting, cover crop, roof runoff structure, animal trails and walkways, underground outlet, and permanent interior fence.  Additional funds from the SWCD’s have been pledged to help implement the practices should there be demand exceeding grant dollars available.

Cost-share rate on practices installed is 60% of actual cost; caps on individual practices have been set.  Practices must be completed according to Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) specifications.  Practices must be completed in the year that the participant’s application is approved for funding.

Producers interested in applying for this incentive program should contact their home county’s Conservation District office to receive an application, and detailed information. Links to Clark County forms are given below. Applications will be taken continually, and evaluated and ranked on a timely, periodic basis throughout the 3-year project life or until all grant monies are expended.

Jefferson County producers may contact the Jefferson County SWCD office at 812-265-7609, or visit

Clark County CWI 2018 Application

Clark County 2018 Ranking Form

2018 CWI Project Brochure

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